First Fifty Shades of Grey movie still released

On the official Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Facebook page, a first still of the highly anticipated movie has been posted. It shows Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) just before their first meeting.

First Fifty Shades of Grey movie still with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

This is the first actual movie footage we have seen since filming started in early December 2013. It’s still quite mysterious as we only see the back of Christian, but the picture does provide a good and exciting first glimpse of Dakota Johnson as Anastasia.

It’s hard to say based on just one still, but so far Johnson is looking convincing as Anastisia. A good pick by director Sam Taylor-Johnson, who was a big fan of signing Johnson for the part. “I knew the moment we met Dakota Johnson that we found our Anastasia. She will provide us the perfect balance of vulnerability, sass, beauty and courage”, she was quoted to say recently.

Release date: Valentine’s Day 2015

The image was released on Valentine’s Day. An important date for the movie, since it will be released on Valentine’s Day 2015.

So it’s still quite a long wait for the fans, but at least it’s a comforting thought that it’s now less than a year before we can finally see Anastasia and Christian come to life on the big screen.
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New cast members

Marcia Gay Harden will play Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey
Marcia Gay Harden

There has been more exciting Fifty Shades of Grey movie news recently, as many new cast members have been announced.

Marcia Gay Harden will take on the part of Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey, Christian’s mother. Anastasia’s mother Carla will be played by Jennifer Ehle, while the part of Anastasia’s stepfather Bob has gone to Dylan Neal.
England’s popular singer Rita Ora was added to the cast shortly before that, and she will take on the important part of Anastasia’s sister Mia. Max Martini finally, has been cast as Christian’s bodyguard Taylor.

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