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Fifty Shades of Grey created a big controversy in almost the entire world. In the months after its release, the book made news headlines frequently, and most of the time because the topic for this book is very erotic and arousing. Fifty Shades of Grey describes all the details about the sexual relationship of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.

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The trilogy begins

Anastasia Steele is a 21 year-old student. She looks very innocent, and lives a very innocent life. Christian Grey is a handsome and very rich business man. He is a dream for a lot of women, but he has some very well-hidden and dark secrets.

Anastasia never imagined something exciting was going to happen in her life. She is all the more surprised when, after interviewing him, Christian Grey makes it clear that he wants Anastasia to become his lover. But not just a lover. He wants her to sign a contract, agreeing to be dominated sexually by him.

For Anastasia, Christian Grey is like a king. She never thought she would be able to reach him. But life is always a mystery, and some things happen when you least expect them. That’s exactly what happened with Anastasia. But as she falls for Christian, she soon learns that there are many more things in store for her that she could never have imagined…

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Are you curious? Does Anastasia sign the contract and become the submissive woman Christian wants her to be? Do you want to experience all the details of this sensual history in ways you could never imagine?
Go back to the start of the trilogy, when Anastasia Steele first started to become involved in extreme sexual games with Christian Grey. By listening to the Fifty Shades of Grey audiobook, you will truly understand what BDSM is.

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Why people love Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is loved by fans around the world. The realistic way in which the erotic games of Christian and Anastasia are described, is why people love Fifty Shades of Grey. With every word spoken in the audiobook, you too will become more and more curious to find out how this unique erotic adventure is going to end. By the way, it’s not just women who love Fifty Shades of Grey. Of the many millions of readers of the book, more than 30% is male.

The book is not only appreciated by the fans. In 2012, Fifty Shades of Grey won a United Kingdom National Book Award in the categories Popular Fiction and Book of the Year. In the same year, American book trade authority Publishers Weekly named author E.L. James Publishing Person of the Year, “for transforming the publishing industry.”

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The other books of the trilogy

Because Fifty Shades of Grey is so addictive, we are absolutely sure that you are going to want to listen to the audiobooks of the other two installments in the trilogy too. Of course, we have all the necessary background and download information about these audiobooks too. Click here to find out more about Fifty Shades Darker, the second book in the trilogy (or go here for an instant download). And click here for more information about Fifty Shades Freed, the third and final book of the series (or go here for an instant download).

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