Fifty Shades causes baby boom

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Fifty Shades causes babyboom

Due to its sexual nature and the readers it appeals to, The Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James is sometimes jokingly called “mommy porn”. But this is not a joke at all. Many women who have picked up the book have experienced an increase in their sex drive, causing an actual Fifty Shades baby boom.

It may be difficult to see the connection between a story about an S&M relationship and an increase in babies, but the logic behind this theory is quite simple. Fifty Shades, one of the best-selling books of all time, is particularly popular among middle-aged working women. These women often already have a family, but in many cases the long years of a relationship with one partner and a demanding career and family life have somewhat lessened the enthusiasm for sexual adventures.

Enter Christian, Anastasia, and their naughty games.

Supposedly, the details which are used to describe the sexual relationship of these now world-famous characters are so rich and arousing, that the books are actually working like an aphrodisiac. In other words: women who read the books are having sex a lot more often, and as we all know more sex inevitably leads to more babies.

This isn’t just a theory. Pregnancy and parenting websites are filled with posts from women who claim that their (often unexpected) pregnancy is the direct result of reading a little E.L. James. “Yep… definitely a Shades of Grey baby… I finished reading the last book on the day my hubby impregnated me lol!”, says AmyCS1974 on the popular website “Yep we’re Fifty Shades too! Mr Grey’s got a lot to answer for! Ha ha xx”,  adds Cymraes2 on the same platform.

There are countless more examples to be found. Even professionals in the field of making babies back up the theory that Fifty Shades has single-handedly created a baby boom. David Musyj, the CEO of a hospital in the Canadian city of Windsor, says that a birth spike in his hospital in November 2012 was caused by the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, nine months earlier.
In six days time, the hospital delivered 80 babies, which is 30% more than in an average week. “When this book came out, everyone said: just wait, it’s coming,” Musyj said in a reaction to CBC News.

Even the author of the books, E.L. James, supports the theory that her writings are leading to an increase in newborns around the globe. She has received many e-mails and letters from couples that used her books as a bedroom inspiration. James even thinks that couples who are experiencing troubles with getting pregnant, can use the books to get the job done. “I’ve met a few who’d been trying, and finally got pregnant after reading the books. If you can read something that feeds imagination and libido, why not?”

So there you have it. Believe what you want of course, but we’ve read the books, and the Fifty Shades baby boom theory sounds very likely. For those who’d rather avoid reproducing at this point, this article may serve as a fair warning. For others, perhaps reading the Fifty Shades books is just what they need to finally get pregnant.

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